Tree Care Tips

TLC for your Christmas Tree & Greens!

  1. A fresh cut must be made at least 4” from the bottom of the trunk before setting up the tree. This is necessary for the tree to draw water, and keep it fresh throughout the holidays. The tree must be placed in water within 30 minutes of making the cut. Your stand should be sturdy and large enough for the trunk plus several cups of water. Do not let the container dry out, even if it means watering the tree twice a day for the first few days.
  2. All evergreens shed needles, and sometimes an alarming number of needles fall from the tree when it is first put up - this is normal. Shake the tree vigorously before you bring it indoors.
  3. For container greens (wicker basket, bark basket, greens centerpiece, etc.), watering each day will keep them fresh throughout the holidays.You may choose to store them in the garage or other unheated areas to reserve them for holiday parties.
  4. We do not recommend natural roping for indoor decorating. Roping will stay fresh for months outdoors. We have been very successful with our mixed noble wreaths and the mantle pieces for indoor use. They stay fresh-looking for several weeks.

The Scout Hockey Christmas Tree & Greens Sale is a 30-plus year tradition, and we make every effort to offer the finest quality product, and service. If you have any concerns, please contact your player salesman or email: We’ll do everything in our power to make your holidays merry & bright!